Today’s new homebuyers are demanding and more selective than ever!

That’s where Efficiency Promise steps in and gives you what your homebuyers want – a way to guarantee your already great construction process! Efficiency Promise doesn’t mandate how you build the home. Efficiency Promise gives you a guarantee on what you already do.

The most important factor in Efficiency Promise is that it is an organic product by design. It’s flexible in that you as a builder are NOT required to do anything different from what you already do now. We measure and test each home on its own merits and issue a guarantee on heating and cooling costs for two years.

Efficiency Promise is a great marketing advantage and we will train your sales staff on how to use it to their advantage.

Efficiency Promise is 100% backed, funded and operated by US-EcoLogic. You are not the responsible party.. we put our money where your construction process ends.

To find out more about the heating and cooling guarantee, please visit the Efficiency Promise website: