Sustainability Consulting

Our accredited project managers, engineers, inspectors and supporting staff design strategies and work around sound sustainable practices to deliver goals for environmentally responsible and resource-efficient projects as well as communities.

Versed with a project’s green life-cycle from siting and design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation, our team works collaboratively with developers, builders, architects, engineers and contractors at all project stages to maintain the course of the project and to address concerns of durability and comfort. Our services extend green construction practices to new construction as well as retrofit work, for as much as green building programs will permit.

We are bound by the common objective of green building, designed to reduce the overall impact on the global environment by energy and water efficiency, pollution and waste reduction, as well as the improvement of the community’s health and environment.

We are able to provide an unbiased assessment to give our clients and associated stakeholders the information to select the best green building protocol for each individual project based on our observations of the strengths and challenges of program administration, consulting costs, implementation / product costs and challenges. We are program neutral and see value in the variety of protocols available in the market.

We see our service as meeting the needs of present generations as well as making a positive an sustainable impact on future generations.